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Analytically Reverent  Zymurgy

 Brewing wild Ales &  Herbal Beer  using modern knowledge and simple Belgian inspired processes

   Creations released in small batches of less than 25 cases at a time, aged and blended. Our in house lab Cultures out blends of life to bring a Ecosytem to each bottle.

      -Their is no such thing as rare beer when every bottle becomes one of a kind-

Herbal And mixed Fermentation Barrel Brewery & Contract Barrel House

Batch Releases

Our History

We are a small batch, wild, sour & herbal barrel Brewery

With a focus on limited batch releases of things foraged And Aged.  we run A Four Bbl system hand cobbled in a effort to Spread the Eccentric And Atypical..

Wild and foraged

We love the synergy of the seasons , The science of mixed fermentation and the History of herbal Artisan Ale 

  • Laboratory services And Management

  • Contract Brewing sour program

  • yeast propagation and cultures

Analytically Reverent Zymurgy

 Von Seitz Theoreticales