Von Seitz Theoreticales 

Our bottle releases

are always changing with batches rarely exceeding 300 bottles , every Bottle is a cellar bottle conditioned artisan Ale

This beer is weird we keep it weird, This beer is often bold and always changing...

our beer is a living thesis, we brew evolving ales using our own blend of scientific knowledge and reverent tradition, we are a pilot brewery at heart. using herbs and foraged additions along with yeast and bug strains isolated in our own laboratory.  We send our batch releases out into the world for those who wander.
They are the homebrewers who stay up late perfecting skills with minimal supplies, they are the hikers looking for deeper forest and longer trails,  Theoreticales is made for those who search.

The team- Alex  Hennessey  Von Seitz 

Jason & Bryanna Lemanski,  Art Whitaker And Kevin Zalesak

Alex & Jason started Theoreticales as a hiking / kayaking beer club initially-previously-( caney fork brew works)
to bring together beer craft and the outdoors. After a few years While working as lab manager at Calfkiller Brewing company, Alex 

began to form a idea ..A idea of a very rare kind of brewery. With the support and love of some amazing people.  

we Bring you ......   Theoreticales

we only sell off premises, but private visitation, catering and brewing classes are available upon request  We also Brew  and blend as a

cantract Facility for other breweries who have a interest in brewing their own funky Artisan recipies in a mixed fermentation friendly facility 

Batch release means we release beer in batches , the yeast and ingredients have their say as to when. we don't rush the beer rest assure

its worth the wait.

About Us

our facility is hand cobbled and one of a kind

Using direct fire we brew using open and barrel fermentation at cellar tempatures . with processes  that are hands on and traditionaly  farmhouse

Analytically Reverent Zymurgy